Sara Marullo – Giorgione, illustrations by Lucia Bricco


From a true story, the story of a special friendship. Pietro has no desire to go on vacation to the mountains. Since he left the city with his parents, he has withdrawn into himself. He hoped until the last that his best friend would accompany him, instead of spending the holidays with his cousins by the sea. But in the village Pietro accidentally meets a dog. A mountain of white hair that stands in the middle of the square, so big that it can be mistaken for a small horse. His name is Giorgione, a dog of everyone and nobody. Together they live many adventures and Pietro is gradually convinced that his new and dear friend will go home, to the city, with him. But is this really what Giorgione wants? Pietro will discover this upon departure and will learn an important life lesson from their friendship. Sara Marullo graduated from the Sapienza University of Rome with a doctorate in ethno-anthropology and a thesis in the history of religions. She also has two master degrees, one in project management and the other in corporate citizenship. Her son Pietro is the protagonist of most of her stories. Language: Italian Worldwide rights available