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The “Fratelli Alinari” began their activity in 1852, only 13 years after the birth of photography. Today the Photographic Archives consist of a collection of over 4 million pictures with around 45…

Altair 4 Multimedia Srl

Altair 4 was conceived as an actual workshop where various technological and creative disciplines would interact in a coordinated rewarding dialogue. The members of the Altair4 creative team come from diverse backgrounds…


Founded in 1995, Anake is a publishing house whose main activity field is a highly qualified catalogue. It quickly established as a leading publisher in a competitive niche market: Egyptology (with unique…


Andrea Ferrari Group

Andrea Ferrari Group is avant-guard publishing with a social responsibility. Its publishing project deals with literature and photography, but is primarily concerned about ART; it is poetry, novels, photography or painting. Andrea…

Ape Junior

Ape Junior is a leading imprint for board books and novelty books and is part of Adriano Salani Editore, based in Milano, Italy. We make an effort in order to ensure that…

Literary Agency (or Agent)


Araba Fenice

The small family-run publisher Araba Fenice was founded in 1991 and its first works were The Story of Civilization by Will Durant and I Sanssôssì by Augusto Monti, renowned teacher of a…

Arcari Editore di Arcari Leopoldo

Arcari Editore has been on the publishing market for over twenty years carrying out mainly local pubications concerning history, customs and characters of Venetian life. Mindful of environmental problems, it has printed…


Archideos specializes in lifestyle books dedicated to some of the most exclusive properties in the world. All of the Archideos books are prestigious large-format editions with hundreds of beautiful photos. Archideos also…

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