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Palazzo Bourbon del Monte, Via Niccolò Aggiunti 75
52037 Sansepolcro (AR) Italy

Tel: +39 0575 733589

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The publications of the publishing house Aboca Editions are the result of the continued commitment of Aboca Museum Research Centre.

Aboca Museum is a major cultural project by Aboca.
 Founded in 2002 with the aim of documenting the age-old relationship between humans and plants, it also represents a contribution to the city of Sansepolcro (Arezzo – Tuscany), to tell about the deep bond that has always united Aboca to its territory.
The museum, unique in its kind, is today one of the most comprehensive evidence about the evolution of science and medical herbalism along centuries.

Fulcrum and soul of Aboca Museum is the activity of the Research Center Team, coordinated and managed by a scientific committee composed of scholars in botanical and pharmaceutical fields, in constant search and study of ancient sources of great artistic as well as great cultural and scientific value.

The Centre relies, in fact, on a rich collection of books contained in the Bibliotheca Antiqua, a “treasure chest” of more than a thousand printed volumes, published between 1500 and early 1900, all sharing the fascinating topic of the therapeutic value of the plants and the preservation of health.

The attention of Aboca to the territory where the company was born and took root is well known. 
For this reason, the Research Centre of Aboca Museum has also deepened, from a different point of view, the knowledge of Fra ‘Luca Pacioli and Piero della Francesca, prominent citizens of Sansepolcro (Arezzo – Tuscany), with the revival of the works by these two famous personalities of the Tiber Valley.

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