Accademia Kronos

Via A. da Sangallo, 10
01037 Ronciglione (VT) Italy

Tel: +39 0761 0903080

Fax: +39 0761 093098

Accademia Kronos NPO (non-profit organization) is an association which has since 1997 resumed the activities of one of the oldest environmentalist movements in Europe: “Kronos 1991” (born in Turin in 1969 and dispersed in Rome in 1994).
In the fall of 1997, the founders of the “old” Kronos made a decision not to waste the many years of experiences and battles for the defence of the environment and of the quality of life, and to restart activities for the benefit of future generations. So they created the “new” Accademia Kronos.
Today Accademia Kronos has a membership of nearly 10,000, with 40 local offices and contacts all over Italy. It has also set up a number of international branches.

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