Alia Editrice

Via Vitruvio, 11
20124 Milan (MI) Italy

Tel: +39 02.3653.2273

Fax: +39 02.3653.2401

Alia Editrice is a new independent publishing company established in late 2008 with the aim of creating an attractive range of publications that are pleasing both to look at and read.

The first collection aims to promote and disseminate an international culture amongst readers, through the publication of a series of bilingual editions of fictional works (in original language-Italian translation parallel-text format), allowing the reader to read the text equally in Italian or the original language while being able to compare the versions side-by-side. Aside from the sheer joy of reading the work, this will enable an immediate, continuous and effortless improvement of linguistic skills. Short novels and long stories have been chosen as titles for the collection to ensure the product remains easy-to-carry despite being in two languages. New accurate ad-hoc prepared translations, completely faithful to the original text, will make bilingual comparison easier and the act of reading more linguistically rewarding.

Alongside the fiction collection, Alia intends to publish nonfiction works in the fields of economics, geopolitics and sociology: publishing companies also have a responsibility to stimulate cultural debate on cutting-edge issues, particularly at a time (such as now) of great discontinuity and profound change, which calls for collective reflection and “real-time” analysis.

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