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The “Fratelli Alinari” began their activity in 1852, only 13 years after the birth of photography. Today the Photographic Archives consist of a collection of over 4 million pictures with around 45 million under their management. The Art Printworks, the new Alinari National Museum of Photography and the Publishing House are all outgrowths of this invaluable fund of negatives and vintage prints. The first Alinari editions, dating to 1885, were fine art books, and today the publishing house continues to be noted for the quality of the pictures and the care devoted to the printing and the texts, making the Alinari books elegant and exceptionally fine objects. Alinari is a leader in European for publications about the History of Photography, and for Monographs on the Italian and international Masters of Photography. The Publishing House specializes in books – often translated into various languages – on History, Art, Architecture, Landscape, Territory, Work, Economy and Customs, all of which are seen through the eyes of the lens. The new Publishing Catalogue consists of 15 series. The most recently introduced section illustrates and focuses on the story of the typical and characteristic Italian products which have made Italy famous throughout the world, such as panettone, chocolate, olive oil and the Toscano cigar. In other words it is the story of “Made in Italy” by photographs.


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