Altair 4 Multimedia Srl

Via S. Tommaso d'Aquino, 40
00136 Roma (RM) Italy

Tel: +39 06 39734814

Fax: +39 06 39728727

Altair 4 was conceived as an actual workshop where various technological and creative disciplines would interact in a coordinated rewarding dialogue. The members of the Altair4 creative team come from diverse backgrounds and experience in computer animation, graphic arts and design and broadcast productions. New multimedia technology makes it possible to merge the different disciplines and methodologies into new interactive productions. Our interest in the Arts and History has directed the choice of subjects with the purpose of disseminate and celebrate our cultural and artistic heritage. It is the perfect field to highlight the wide range of 3D archaeological reconstructions the workshop has developed fro museums, TV-Productions, WEB and interactive DVD/CD-ROMs. The ongoing dialogue between past and present characterizes all Altair4 productions and its innovative and multi-faceted approach to creating computer products where advanced technological tools and artistic and cultural processes are joined. Developing and creation of: • Virtual reconstructions of archaeological sites in 3D computer graphics for publishing, broadcast and Web

  • Exploitation of archives of books and images (e.g. Encyclopedie, Description de l’Egypte, Edifizi di Roma Antica, etc)
  • Interactive sytems for WEB and DVD/CD-ROM
  • Simulations and animations in 3D computer graphics
  • Virtual interactive environments on/off-line
  • Virtual sets in 3D computer graphics for broadcasting
  • Virtual visits for WEB and DVD/CD-ROM
  • 2D-3D Graphics
  • Software tools

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