Arti Grafiche Boccia SpA

Via Tiberio Claudio Felice, 7
84131 Salerno (SA)

Tel: 011/39/089/303301

Fax: 011/39/089/771017

40 years of history, growth, and innovation. 40 years of passion for the work started in 1944 by Orazio Boccia, fascinated with the Art of Printing since his time spent in the Umberto I orphanage in Salerno. 40 years of solutions to continuously evolving competitive scenarios, and winning tactics capable of maintaining competitiveness in a sector that requires quality, efficiency and more immediate solutions. 40 years of experience to build a strong and dynamic company, based on the passion of our Men, in which a communitarian spirit prevails over the rigid hierarchical logic, in a harmonious blend of talent and technological evolution. The result of this experience is a European Company, currently present in 10 countries, on 3 continents, serving the Publishing industry, with the aim of discovering innovations and using the results of these innovations to serve the Customers, thus becoming capable of dealing with an “unlimited market”.

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