Avagliano Editore Srl

Piazza Roma, 10
84013 Cava de' Tirreni (SA) Italy

Tel: +39 089/444711

Fax: +39 089/445339

The Avagliano Publishing House was founded in 1982 making its editorial debut with historic and literary essays about Southern Italy. Starting from 1992 a new flexible style in editorial, marketing and production was introduced. It specialized in fiction, memoirs, essays and art editions beginning to collaborate with one of the most important Italian agenciees of promotion and distribution.

In 1994 two series of quality paperbacks came to light and Avagliano catalogue entered the large commercial chain: Il Melogrono, a fiction series and Il Miglio d’Oro, a non-fiction series, where appeared famous Italian authors. Later on I Tornest series was created, meant to collect strong narrative novels following the great literary tradition, and I Corlmbi, which intends to draw an exhaustive and stimulating scenario of contemporary Italian and foreighn fiction. The showpiece of Avagliano publishing house isl Gheriglio series that was printed on a special and precious type of hand-made paper, made in Amalfi, where rare or unpublished texts has been decorated with drawings and engravings. The editorial success achieved among the public of readers by these series and the Literary Awards received b some of the novels (such as Il Resio di niente by Enzo Striano, Ritratto di Angelica by Simona Weller,Francesca e Nunziata by Maria Orsini Natale, already translated in the most important countries of the Europe) contribute to draw the attention of the public to Avagliano literary production.

The last-born Transatlantica series, directed by the journalist Francesco Durante, collects up novels and unpublished tales by Italian-American writers.

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