Babilonia – Center for Italian Studies

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Study Italian, Discover Sicily !!!

Since 1992, we have passionately dedicated ourselves to promoting our Sicilian heritage and culture along with the study of the Italian language. Since then, we strive to offer opportunities for learners of Italian language to also become learners of the Italian culture and Italian life.


For more than 2500 years, Sicily has shared its spirit with travellers from many lands. Situated in the center of the Mediterranean, Sicily has served as a meeting place for three continents, each of which has contributed to Sicily’s unique history and culture.


A language is not the result of a set of grammar rules. A language is the result of a culture, of its history, its traditions, its territory. Studying abroad is an experience that broadens our knowledge and our spirit.


In our Italian language and Italian culture courses, we combine high teaching quality with the most personal and friendly atmosphere and environment.

We wish to welcoming you soon in Taormina and offer the opportunity to discover our island so full of history, so full of culture, so full of light!