Barbieri Arti Grafiche

Via di Monticelli, 6/r
50143 Firenze (FI) Italy

Tel: +39 055/713948

Fax: +39 055/710364

Printers in Florence since 1948
“The Art Typography Workshop in Florence”

Barbieri Arti Grafiche is a part of the history of the city where it was born and prospered: Florence. Florence nurtures a continuous interaction between cultural values, traditional techniques, and the use of the most advanced technologies, and provides the inspiration to produce work of exceptional quality. This artistic handcrafted tradition, together with the knowledge and employment of the most advanced printing methods promotes creativity, and guarantees products of unquestionable quality.

Today Barbieri Arti Grafiche is an art typography workshop and an art printing house employing its own project designers who are engaged in typesetting texts in a wide range of original typefaces, and color processed printing, as well as all aspects of the graphic arts from paper making to high tech printing machines, including the installation of printing plants. Traditional equipment and techniques continue to be utilized including letterpress, hot metal foil stamping, embossing from a hand engraving, and lithography.

Embossing from the etchings made by “ancient” skilled hands, hearkens to  the notable Florentine goldsmith and engraving tradition which serves to infuse our products with beauty and preciousness. Master printers employ a range of traditional and state of the art techniques to achieve specific creative effects. The scope of work includes artful greeting cards, print production, art publishing, handcrafted bound limited edition books, and custom special orders.

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