Bonfirraro Editore

Viale Ritrovato, 5
94012 Barrafranca (EN) Italy

Tel: +39 0934.464646

Fax: +39 0934.1936565

The “Bonfirraro Editore” publishing house was founded 30 years ago on the initiative of the resourceful Salvo Bonfirraro, who would have liked to dedicate himself to writing yet ended up becoming an excellent talent scout for new brilliant and promising authors and books. The publisher is openly devoted to his Sicilian cultural identity and his passion for searching new talented writers such as Luigi Manzatto with “Innocenza Rubata. Storie segrete di una monacazione”, (The Stolen Innocence. Secret stories of a monkation) published also by the Book-Club IL CIRCOLO E EUROCLUB of the Mondadori Group.

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