Casa Editrice Leo S. Olschki

Viuzzo del Pozzetto, 8
50126 Firenze (FI) Italy

Tel: +39 055/6530.684

Fax: +39 055/6530214

The publishing house Leo S. Olschki, which celebrated its centennial in 1986, constitutes a force with remarkable characteristics in the vast panorama of Italian publishing. Following a lengthy tradition, Olschki’s activity stands out in the broad field of humanities, by no means one of the easiest fields in the world of books, with a limited number of copies printed and a limited distribution. Despite the fact that the majority of the publications are in Italian, almost half of the overall production goes abroad, a fact which underlines the leading role of the publishing house in the diffusion of culture beyond Italian frontiers. The logo, defined by Gabriele D’Annunzio as “a heart crossed and divided”, is familiar to specialists, scholars and librarians all over the world and holds a special significance for cultural institutions and universities. The history of the publishing house, presented in two large tomes on the occasion of its centennial, spans five generations of the same family and this rare continuity constitutes the implication of a long path still to be covered in and for the world of culture. PRINCIPAL CATEGORIES: Literature (Linguistics, Philology), History (History of Economics, Political Sciences), History of Philosophy, History of Sciences, Musicology, Archaeology, Bibliography, Librarianship, Bibliology, Art History, Renaissance Culture, Religious Studies, Anthropology.

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