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Since its founding the late 1950s, Casalini Libri S.p.A. has been dedicated to the supply of bibliographical services, books and journals to national, academic and public libraries and institutions worldwide. Since its outset, Casalini Libri has worked closely with libraries and publishers to develop customized supply and library services that suit the individual needs of our customers around the world.
The Casalini Libri Digital Division, established in January 2000 following an international pilot project, offers innovative electronic publishing services to the highest industry standards, collaborating with Italian and international publishers to create and distribute digital publications.
The Torrossa full text platform ( is an essential resource for libraries with an interest in current scholarship from Italy, Spain, France, Portugal and beyond. Based on Casalini Libri’s unique expertise in selecting titles pertinent to the collections of our research library customers and decades of experience in partnering with academic publishers in Europe, Torrossa offers an array of content solutions.
Torrossa offers institutions and individuals access to the full text of 15,000 books and conference proceedings and 650 journals by 160 Italian and Spanish publishers: an ever-growing collection of digital items which currently totals 300,000. The wealth of content offered on Torrossa is accessible via a single interface providing users, with subscriptions for IP networks, highly evolved search functions and tools based on web 2.0 technology. The full text content on Torrossa is available for purchase of permanent or temporary access.

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