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Almost twenty years of activity, a catalog with over 400 works by the most important Italian and international authors of the comic scene: this is the story of Coconino Press, a publishing house founded in 2000 that has had and continues to play a pioneering and determining role, recognized by everyone, in changing the perception of fiction designed. Critically acclaimed, it is one of the most appreciated comics and graphic novels publishers, as well as by the public, and over the years its books and authors have won numerous awards. In the last two years, with the editorial direction entrusted to Ratigher, Coconino has taken new directions and has opened up to other “contaminations”, further diversifying its proposals.

On the one hand, the proposal of leading authors of the international graphic novel continues: masters such as Larcenet, Mazzucchelli, Taniguchi, Woodring, Guibert, David B., young talents who have recently risen to the fore like Néjib, Dash Shaw, Jason Shiga and others yet that Coconino published for the first time in Italy.

On the other hand, the work of research and development of new Italian talents of the drawn narrative continues. In the past, Coconino has launched the first works of authors such as Gipi, Manuele Fior, Davide Reviati, who later became absolute leaders of the Italian and international graphic novel scene. Alongside these names, today the publishing house focuses on a team of authors already established in their turn as Paolo Bacilieri, Maicol & Mirco, Taddei and Angelini, Dr. Pira, Francesco Cattani, and prepares to present the works of very young but extremely talented beginners like Zuzu, Vittoria Moretta, Lorenzo Ghetti and others.

Production of Japanese comics has been strengthened. The Gekiga series, which presents the works of great classics such as Tatsumi and Tsuge, has recently been joined by the new Doku series, with an eye to the contemporary manga.

At the same time, special attention is reserved to the rediscovery of the Classics of comics history, offered to new generations of readers in elegant editions of value, both in the form of reprints and with the addition of a rich essay kit: quite prominent are, in this regard, the volumes dedicated in the last two years to Buzzelli, Jacovitti and Pazienza.


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