Corraini Edizioni

Via Ippolito Nievo, 7/A
46100 Mantova (MN) Italy

Tel: +39 0376322753

Fax: +39 0376 365566

Founded as a contemporary art gallery (1973) and later becoming a publisher (1988), Corraini Edizioni is an publishing workshop of research and experimentation, open to artists, illustrators and designers from both Italy and abroad: a space to create books, exhibitions and bespoke projects.

The close, deep relationship that has always linked Corraini and Bruno Munari contributed to the birth of the publishing house and has steered its editorial path. Since then, Corraini has been working uninterruptedly on research and proposals, while also rediscovering some historical children’s books from the 1970s. This work was recognized and honored in 2014 with the prestigious Bologna Prize for Best Children’s Publisher of the Year in Europe.

The publishing house has always produced books designed by artists, and has worked closely with them: a mark that can be recognized in the identity of each single publication. Just as important is the revival and continuation of historic books that are of a great innovative quality, and still absolutely up-to-date.

Alongside more traditional publishing, Corraini Edizioni has been working on two periodical projects for more than two years, seeking to carry its own philosophy and approach to design over to this field. The first of these is Un Sedicesimo, a magazine made up of sixteen pages, and each edition is handed over to a different artist who takes responsibility for the entire project, from the content to the graphic design. The second project is Inventario, the bookazine between art, design and architecture, curated by Beppe Finessi, promoted and supported by Foscarini, which was awarded the ADI Compasso d’Oro in 2014.

Both as an art gallery and a publishing house, Corraini has long been present at the major art and publishing fairs in Italy , across Europe, the United States, Mexico and Asia, establishing productive working relationships with leading international publishers, artists, writers and scholars, who are also frequent collaborators. The publishing house works together with public bodies, museums, companies, universities and galleries to create books, catalogues, exhibitions and workshops.

Product Categories: Architecture /Art / Design / Graphic / Children’s books


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