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Founded in May 2004 as a branch of the printer Grafiche Damiani, with over 60 years of experience of art and photography printing, Damiani Editore is dedicated to continuing the long-held tradition of producing high-quality books. Damiani’s aim is to publish a series of new art and photography titles that reflect both the best of Italian craftsmanship as well as innovative commissioning. In 2004 Damiani published their first book, Kodachrome by Auro Montanar. This was followed by another important publishing success, Out of the Red: The new emerging generation of Chinese photographers. Walls by Nino Migliori was followed by Signs, a monograph dedicated to the work of this remarkable postwar Italian photojournalist. In September Damiani published Kibosh by the renowned fashion photographer Terry Richardson, as well as a collection of unpublished photographs by Franco Fontana (in the Unpublished series) and Caffé & Stars – the first in a Paparazzi series dedicated to famous stars from the “Dolce Vita” period in Rome. 2005 promises to be just as exciting. Forthcoming highlights include the first book on the celebrated New York street artist, Phil Frost, a new work on the photographer Ari Marcopoulos edited by Aaron Rose, and publications on the work of the American photographer Ralf Gibson and the Italian photographer Francesco Nonino. The popular Paparazzi series continues with two more titles – Airports and Stars and Automobiles and Stars. Towards the end of the year will see the publication of a book on the work of the young and up-and-coming fashion photographer Diana Scheunemann and a stunning plant photography book – Plantworlds – by the internationally acclaimed garden photographer, Andrea Jones.

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