Dante Alighieri Siena

Comitato di Siena
Via Tommaso Pendola, 37
53100 Siena (SI) Italy

Tel: +39 0577/49533

Fax: +39 0577/270646

Società Dante Alighieri is one of the most prestigious and highly recommended language schools in Italy. It offers a diverse range of language and culture programs, tailor-made courses and cookery programs suitable for all ages and for students from all over the world. It offers high quality teaching with innovative teaching methods, excellent facilities, a fantastic location in the heart of Siena and a positive and dynamic learning experience for our students. ASPECTS OF THE SCHOOL * Language courses all year round Min. 1 week – 18 Months * Maximum of 12 students per class * Full 60 minute Lesson * Social and Cultural Activities * Examining body for PLDA Certificate (recognized throughout the world) * Carefully selected Accommodations * Transfer Service * Relaxed & Friendly Environment * Qualified Native Speaking Teachers UNIVERSITY PROGRAMS Dante Alighieri is unique as it strives to provide students with not only language and cultural programs but a wide- range of special interest courses such as: Opera Course, which is designed for opera singers who wish to gain a cultural and linguistic background in Italian Opera singing. The course teaches the understanding of opera libretti, the characters’ psychology, phonetics, intonation, gestures and theatrical movement. The course features works by Mozart, Verdi, Bellini, Puccini and also works of minor composers. Also, singing lessons can be arranged for the students if desired. Theatrical Course: The aim of this program is to bring first-time participants closer to acting and enable students who already have acting experience in their own language to perform in Italian. It is not necessary to speak Italian well to participate; in fact our experience shows beginners can be brilliant actors and often learn the language much quicker. This course combines language study with drama to give participants an opportunity to a better understanding of Italian culture and the Italians themselves. The school is also flexible to provide other special courses on demand such as: * Tailor-made: Art, Jewelry, Crafts, Photography, Graphic Art, Ceramics etc.. * Business & Tourism * Teacher Training Courses * Preparation Courses for PLIDA Exam General courses include: * Group, Individual lessons and Combined courses * Intensive, Long-term, Full Immersion * Cultural activities & Organized Internship Programs COOKERY SCHOOL The school provides cookery lessons for students wishing to learn the secrets of Italian gastronomy. Each course has a different theme and different levels, including: * Outstanding modern kitchen * Professional and Non-professional Cookery courses. * Finest quality, fresh authentic food and home-made recipes, invaluable knowledge of some of the world’s famous cooking. * ‘Hands –on’ experience under the guidance of an expert Italian chef.