Editoriale Jaca Book SpA

Via Frua, 11
20146 Milano (MI) Italy

Tel: +39 02/4856151

Fax: +39 02/48193361

Jaca Book is a human sciences publisher of essays and academic texts in the fields of anthropology, philosophy, history, prehistory, medieval culture, religions, Christianity, economic and social sciences, ecology, current affairs, literary criticism. Jaca Book is currently developing a new department of foreign fiction. It has an important department of art, archaeology, architecture and music with a list of high quality illustrated volumes for international coeditions. It has further a children’s book department also for international conditions.

Vera Minazzi, Publisher
Sante Bagnoli, Publisher
Mariarosa Bricchi, Literary fiction
Giulia Mercanti, Rights Manager:
Marie J. Schütz, International Rights Sales Manager:

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