Edizioni Lybra Immagine

Via Vincenzo Monti, 6
20123 Milano (MI) Italy

Tel: +39 02/48000818

Fax: +39 02/48012748

At the beginning of the 1980’s when Edizioni Lybra Immagine was founded, they defined their target as a wide variety of themes which are tied to the “culture of the project”, meant as a process by which an idea is conceived up to its realization: it is a process which must be discovered and documented. This approach to publishing has been steady in the production of books and magazines. Presently, their publications cover four main areas: Exhibition design (Luca Basso Peressut, Science musems, Spaces of scientific and technical exhibition; Mario Mastropietro, New Italian Exhibition Design; Antonella Huber, The Italian Museum), Architecture (Mario Mastropietro, Restoration and beyond, Architecture from conservation to conversion. Projects and works by Andrea Bruno, 1960-1995), Industrial Design (Mario Mastropietro, An Industry for Design. The research, designers and corporate image of B&B Italia), and Applied and decorative Arts. To facilitate a wider distribution of these themes, almost all of their books are published in bilingual Italian/English format

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