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Edizioni Sonda was founded in 1988 and for 25 years it has published more than 600 volumes and 6 magazines, it has issued CD-ROMs and e-books, it has created dedicated websites and organized exhibitions and cultural festivals.

Sonda’s publications and initiatives have and intercultural focus and they show the will to present different viewpoints to encourage communication between different cultures, both on national and international level.

Sonda’s offer for children consists of realistic and exciting stories, usually set in specific social contexts, which can raise children’s awareness and inspire them to change the reality.

Edizioni Sonda promotes a special sensitivity towards animals and it encourages a special communication with them: it has developed Europe’s most extensive and consistent publishing project, which aims at affirming animal rights and promoting eganism and the vegan culture.

Sondsa publishes essays and handbooks on hot social topics, which often prove to be controversial and raise a lot of discussion: from gay families to the value of homework; from molester’s mentality to children’s rights; from companies’environmental responsibilities to emotional education.

Edizioni Sonda has translated works from German publishers (Arena Verlag, Beltz & Gelberg, Thienemann), French publishers (Larousse, Flammarion), Canadian publishers (Groupe Homme, Guy Saint-Jean éditeur), British publishers (Andersen Press, Chicken House), American publishers (Da Capo/Perseus Group, Oxford University Press, Lantern Books, North Atlantic Books), Swedish ublishers (Bonnier Carlsen), as well as international literary agencies (Andrew Nurnberg Associates, Rights People, Andy Ross).

Among Sonda’s most successful titles: the Bilingual Dictionaries Cat/Italian Dog/Italian and Horse/Italian; the children series Warrior Cats, Amnesty International books and the Xenophobe Guides.

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