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EDUITALIA is an association which represents 80 institutes and universities hosting more than 22,000 foreigners per year, and offering language, culture, art, economic, and design courses throughout Italy. EDUITALIA offers students worldwide a selection of the best course offerings available in some of Italy’s most beautiful cities, and by collaborating with major Italian institutions, the association is able to assist students and researchers wanting to study in Italy. EDUITALIA organizes an Italian Pavilion promoting “Made in Italy” during the most important international fairs dedicated to education, as Italy boasts of one of the highest standards of education within the international community. EDUITALIA’s challenge is to promote overseas the Italian offer for foreign education and to encourage students from all over the world to participate in courses in Italy, with the goal of overcoming national and cultural borders of every country. EDUITALIA’s mission is to spread Italian education and academic culture through activities aimed at informing foreign institutions, educational operators and students about the Italian educational system, and devotes its efforts to the achievement of strengthening and ensuring the promotion of courses abroad for foreign students in Italy, while facilitating the administrative procedures in order to obtain a Student Visa and a Permit to Stay.