Egea SpA

Via Sarfatti, 25
20136 Milano (MI) Italy

Tel: +39 02/58365751

Fax: +39 02/58365753

Egea is a publishing and bookselling company owned by Università Bocconi. Created in 1988 for the diffusion of economic and business culture originating from Bocconi, Egea has subsequently enlarged its mission to cater to the reading needs of students, scholars, managers and professionals in all fields of business, economic and law. Moreover, under the imprint Università Bocconi Editore (UBE), established in 2000, Egea provides a devoted readership with international titles in world politics and social science. Egea owns and operates its own bookstore. At 700 square meters, it is among Milan’s largest independent booksellers, and leads in category of business and economics. It features a very wide selection of textbooks and professional titles in Italian and English, as well as Italian and English novels and essays, maps and travel guides, children’s books, CDs and DVDs, and a lot more. Books. With a catalogue of 600 titles in print, Egea releases 90 new titles a year, published under the Egea and Università Bocconi Editore imprints. It also publishes several academic journals. Print-on demand titles are also available in the Egea catalogue, and this website also lists all the 60,000-odd Italian and English titles that are available and can be ordered from the Egea Bookstore. Digital contents and products. Egea makes digital content available to its users, both in free and payment versions. In the section conditions of purchase you can find the guidelines for the downloading of content. Access to content can also take place in reserved areas tailored to the needs of faculty, students, professionals and researchers. Services and promotions. Customers can subscribe to the New Releases Update, an online service offered by the Egea Bookstore that lists last month’s releases grouped according to the subjects selected by the user, who can thus benefit from special promotions both on Egea and UBE titles and the books available at the bookstore. Customers can also check the status of their order at any moment. A journal and magazine subscription service is also available, as well as the possibility of navigating through the non-book merchandise sold by the Egea Bookstore.

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