Fanucci Editore

Via delle Fornaci, 66
00165 Roma (RM) Italy

Tel: +39 06/39366384

Fax: +39 06/6382998

Founded in Rome by Renato Fanucci in 1971 and presently directed by Sergio Fanucci, after its debut in fantastic literature, Fanucci Editore quickly became a landmark for science fiction, horror and fantasy fiction, publishing classical authors and new masters, like Philip K. Dick, Neil Gaiman, Brandon Sanderson and Doris Lessing.
Fanucci Editore also dedicates a lot of attention to younger readers: to them are dedicated the Tweens series, which includes authors such as the international best seller Silvana De Mari, the Teens series, including Paola Zannoner, Margaret Mahy, China Miéville, Alyson Noël and Melissa de la Cruz’s novels, and will go on growing up with foreign and italian authors (like Valentina F., whose IJPCAU – I’m Just Plain Crazy About You sold more than 300,000 copies and has been sold in many foreign countries). These novels’ purpose is to offer to the ‘young adults’ public, sometimes the most underrated, the opportunity to approach reading with books which speak their own language.

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