Faservice S.r.l.

Faservice S.r.l.
Via Campalto 3/b
37059 San Martino B.A. (VR)

Tel: +39 045-991851

Fax: +39 045-879-5204

>Faservice was founded as a printer in the graphic arts sector in 1966 and focused on prepress operations.
In 2004, the company decided to expand its innovative services to offer a complete suite of services from pre-press to post-press. Faservice invested in the modernization of its production with the purchase of the latest generation of machines with vanguard technology, including: Bobst Foilmaster BMA, Mec-Saroglia, Komori Lithorne, Sakurai, B&F Meccanica and Wohlemberg.
In this way, Faservice has been able to update its range of services, from thermo-impression/ hot-stamping, to embossing, from U.V. painting to serigraphy and lamination.
In 2012, the Farinati family went a step further and the company became the forerunner in the Italian offset/digital printing market, purchasing the innovative FujiFilm JetPress 720S with water-based inkjet technology. This technology combines the flexibility and versatility of digital with the precision of traditional offset printing. The result is a final product with incredible definition and superior quality. The JetPress, allowing for small print runs, opens new opportunities for neglected market segments.
Faservice has developed a bookbinding department offering a high-quality finished product and is equipped with a CNC machine for printing clichés in-house for hot-stamping and embossing, reducing costs and improving services.

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