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The prestigious FMR publishing house was founded 40 years ago. 40 Years of publications devoted to books and beauty. A passion which allowed this world-famous company to grow and evolve thanks to its unmistakeable dedication to quality, and to the uniqueness and originality of its artistic choices. All this contributed to epoch-making publications that became benchmarks of graphical and conceptual quality, setting new standards in the way art is presented and interpreted, with works of unique aesthetic and artistic taste. True to its exclusive publishing philosophy, FMR’s creations stand out for their beautiful full-page five-color images, the elegant Orient black silk bindings, the Bodoni type texts, the precious light-blue hand-made Fabriano paper, and of course for their exclusive limited editions. FMR’s publishing production is varied and diverse, ranging from non-fictional and historical publications to narrative and fiction. All rarities for bibliophiles and new editions are available, in addition to organizers, objects for the writing desk and the famous FMR Magazine. For a list of all our historical and latest publications, please check our on-line catalogue (available in English)

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