G. D’Anna Casa editrice SpA

Via Dante da Castiglione, 8
50125 Firenze (FI) Italy

Tel: +39 055/2335513

Fax: +39 055/225932

The publications of G. D’Anna Casa editrice are the result of the culture and experience of important scholars and grow in response to the aspirations of modern society. The texts created in this context stimulate the elaboration of ideas, and the spirit of debate, particularly in the case of the latest “electronic” publications: simple but exhaustive, flexible, hypertextual; “active” books which encourage young readers to play the starring role in the learning process, rather than to simply react as the “audience.” Along with the traditional didactic support in book form, floppy discs and CD-ROMs are included as useful and modern complements. This is the publishing of tomorrow: the C-Dir (multimedia version of the Dizionario italiano ragionato), the Letteratura italiana (disc version of the greatest authors of all times), Didascalica (a series of textbooks on humanistic subjects, together with anthological collections on CD-ROMs).

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