Gangemi Editore SpA

Via Giulia, 142
00186 Roma (RM) Italy

Tel: +39 06/6872774

Fax: +39 06/68806189

Gangemi Publishers was established in 1962 with a strong belief in the principles of economic and corporate efficiency as well as editorial rigor and graphic quality. It soon became one of the top Italian publishers included in the widest circles of production and sales in Italy and abroad. Specializing in publications on architecture, art, design, history and literature, Gangemi’s catalogue contains more than 3000 titles and 18 periodicals, which are often published with facing English text or exclusively in English. These publications, which can be found in all of Italy’s bookshops and newsstands as well as in major foreign venues, are translated in many languages including English, French, Spanish, German, Polish, Russian, Arabic, Croatian, and Chinese. Using the most modern sales techniques and newest technologies, Gangemi is able to offer authoritative texts of genuine graphic appeal.

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