Giulio Einaudi editore

Via U. Biancamano 2
10121 Torino (TO) Italy

Tel: +39 011 5656344

Fax: +39 011 542903

Giulio Einaudi publishing house was founded in 1933 by a group of young students, headed by Giulio Einaudi.

After the Second World War, the publishing house’s catalogue thrived and grew due to the contributions of some of Italy’s leading postwar authors, among them Norberto Bobbio, Leone Ginzburg, Natalia Ginzburg, Massimo Mila, Cesare Pavese, Elsa Morante, Primo Levi, and Beppe Fenoglio.

Giulio Einaudi publishing house is very strong both in literary fiction – Italian and foreign – and in the non-fiction sector where the publishing house seeks to interpret the taste, culture and history of our society in a seamless dialogue between past, present and future.

Anna Dellaferrera – Foreign Rights

Laura Piccarolo – Rights Manager

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