Golinelli Communication Lab srl.

Via E. Vanoni 16,
3041 Formigine (MO), Italia

Golinelli is a certified Italian printing company specialized in graphics since 1951 and since then, Golinelli has been a leading company in publishing and commercial printing developments. While the headquarters are located in the city of Modena, in the Northern region of Emilia Romagna, the company has extended its business to European clients especially in France.

The roots of Golinelli Communication Lab are passion for technology and craftsmanship, as well as readiness to the evolving market. The novelty, and effectiveness of the company is to identify new ways to combine color, paper and technology to improve the quality of catalogues and books while satisfying the clients’ needs and requests.

Golinelli provides the following services: 1) Paper & Digital Publishing, which includes page layout, graphic design and final printing (with the best sheetfed printing technologies) for monographs, volumes, fine books, magazines; 2) Print & Binding Catalogues, as well as brochures, product sheets and flyers; 3) Marketing Tools to promote brands, focused on key details for functionality and image. But also: presentations, paper-based promotional tools and packaging to protect valuable items and to emphasize the aesthetics and the communicative value of products

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