GrafiSystem S.n.c.

Via dei Gladioli, 6 – A/3
70026 Modugno (BA) Italy

Tel: 011-39-080-5375408

Fax: 011-39-080-5308771

011-39-080-5375476 additional number

GrafiSystem was created in November 1983 by Domenico Di Marsico, a man interested in and fascinated by the graphic arts since he was young. The company finds an immediate and positive answer from any level, speaking about the professional field: quality about products, economic convenience, high technology and professional operating staff. GrafiSystem gives great importance to the innovation process and to the vocational training, developing by this way the possibility to always be up-to-date.

GrafiSystem creates and realizes your catalogues, brochures, dèpliants, and packaging well considering the visual effect and the simplicity of comprehension, in order to present your communication in the best way. 
Innovation means gold and silver to touch (thanks to the new technology called Metal FX, patented in England), or exacrome printing with a more developed range of colors to enrich your product. It means also stylistic searches for images, effects and colors more and more realistic, printing with metalizzed inks, fluorescent inks and special inks, varnish IR (shine, satin, drip-off and parfumed).
For the thirty years of activity, the Grafisystem received the medal by the President of the Italian Republic. Next to the editorial activity that takes place since 2003 under the brand DI MARSICO LIBRI, in 2013 GrafiSystem founded a monthly newspaper dedicated to the world of business and management, “Impresa metropolitana”.

This is just a little part of what we can do.

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