Graphot Editrice

Lungo Dora Colletta 113/10bis
10153 Torino (TO) Italy

Tel: +39 011 2386281

Fax: +39 011 2358882

Founded in 1984, La Graphot publishes fiction, nonfiction, gastronomy and show business books. Many titles are dedicated to the historical roots and to the cultural and popular traditions of Piedmont, to the sports world (the great champions and the best teams), and to excursion guides with different levels of difficulty, including one specifically for children.

Graphot’s imprint Spoon River focuses on fiction and historical and cultural subjects.
The Dark Side collection offers thrillers, rich in action, fast rhythm and sweeping writing.
The Le Rondini collection includes titles from forgotten Italian authors of the twentieth century, particularly from the beginning of Fascism and post WWII.

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