Guerra Edizioni

Via A. Manna, 25
06132 Perugia (PG) Italy

Tel: +39 075 5289090

Fax: +39 075 5288244

Established in 1883, the firm Guerra Edizioni, for approximately forty-five years, has been publishing some of the world’s most widely distributed books on teaching the Italian language to foreigners, based on various language teaching methods, often combined with magnetic supports and interactive CD-ROMs and the new smartboard. The Guerra Edizioni catalogue currently includes over 800 titles, all available on the website (, which also offers a wide range of services and educational activities for students and teachers, and on-line sales. The teaching materials produced by Guerra Edizioni are intended for users all over the world: private individuals (students, professionals, teachers), public and private schools in Italy as well as abroad, Italian Cultural Institutes, Società Dante Alighieri, university Italian departments and foreign branches of Italian companies. The company also actively participates in major book trade shows worldwide.

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