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Il Bulino Publishers, founded in 1980, has its seat in Modena, a historically important town. Il Bulino has leading position in the cultural life of the community, due to its side by side work with Biblioteca Estense Universitaria (the ancient Dukes’library) in making the most of its extremely important book heritage. In our editions, the themes of medieval, Renaissance and modern culture live on, especially through the symbiosis between written word and image.

In this regard, libraires and archives are really inexhaustible sources for our projects. Our production is basically divided into two collections, two different ways of talking about the history of books.

ARS ILLUMINANDI: On the one hand we reproduce, absolutely faithfully to the original, old manuscript masterpieces, and we offer them to our customers as precious jewels for their colletctions; yet, our facsimiles are always accompained by proper scientific instruments for a profound knowledge of the original codices.

IL GIARDINO DELLE ESPERIDI: On the other hand, we foster an indeph analysis of various themes in the history of culture, by uniting to high-quality art and science books, fine and useful at the same time.
Our publishing activity also includes the periodical.
– Civilta’ Mantovana, our cultural review, inssued twice a year: an indispensable rendezvous with the inexhaustible history and the interesting present of the Virgilian town, a capital of Italian European art and culture.

Our webite also offers facsimile editions of foreign Houses, our copublishing partners and renowed international experts in the field of these extremely refined kinds of books.

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