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The publishing company il Mulino was founded in 1954 by a group of young intellectuals who had started in 1951 the publication still called “il Mulino”, which is one of the most important cultural periodicals in Italy. Since the beginning, its aim has been to help modernize Italian culture. During the `50s and the `60s il Mulino played a relevant role, publishing books based on empiricism and pragmatism with an Anglo-Saxon approach, which brought to Italy several modern classics of contemporary culture, with a particular committment to the diffusion of sociology and political science. During the `70s and the `80s the publishing company experienced a remarkable growth, becoming a major producer of university textbooks, and in the `90s it has completed its monographical and academic series with new collections for general readers. Presently, il Mulino publishes 56 periodicals and about 330 new titles each year in the following fields: history, philosophy, linguistic and literary criticism, psychology, sociology, political science, economics and law. Information on all of its titles and periodicals is accessible through the on-line catalogue at or can be requested by writing to It is also possible to subscribe to different mailing lists (choosing favourite subjects) in order to periodically receive a newsletter on the latest publications.

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