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IPOC Press is a new Italian publisher whose goal is to promote the work of important Italian writers, not just in Italy but internationally. IPOC Press’s authors pose a threat to existing paradigms – choosing, dissecting, judging – in order to propose new values for our lives as individuals and as members of society. The fundamental characteristic of IPOC Press’s books is their commitment to an interdisciplinary approach, even as our authors remain true to their areas of scholarship and expertise. In the search for new ways of looking at the world, they pose questions, propose theories, and advance hypotheses; they provoke, evaluate, challenge. Our heartfelt gratitude goes to our authors and translators as well as to the readers who have chosen to embark with us upon this journey toward a richer world. As our logo symbolizes, our destination is neither predetermined nor always definable, but what it takes to get there is clear: genuine creativity and an open mind bring us closer to a just and ethical world.

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