L.E.G.O. S.p.A.

Via dell'Industria, 2
36100 Vicenza (VI) Italy

Tel: +39 0444 564622

Fax: +39 0444 564929

From modest beginnings L.E.G.O. has grown into one of Europe’s leading producers of high quality books working with clients across the world. The business has passed through five generations and remains a privately run family concern. A key strength has been the foresight to adapt and develop to an ever changing market. One of the great strengths of the company is the range of books it can produce and the innovation it shows in developing new products. From color and mono books, right through to finely bound Bibles on lightweight papers, all produced under one roof.

Book production remains a skilled operation and it’s the skills of the workforce that are much valued to this day to ensure books are produced to the very highest standards. Books are also about the personal touch so L.E.G.O. ’s philosophy is to strive to provide the highest standards of customer service and attention to detail during the often complex process of producing a book. The company operates across four sites in North Eastern Italy with the headquarters based in the historic city of Vicenza with books from its plants exported worldwide.

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