Lazzaretti Editore

Via Pavese, 13
10138 Sangano (TO) Italy

Tel: +39 011 9087499

Lazzaretti Editore publishes books and videos for the study and comprehension of foreign languages. We publish French, English and Italian text for foreigners. All of our educational documents have companion videos in the original language with subtitles.Christine Rigois is responsible for the French editions (“Vous comprenez le francais?”, “Le noveau fablier”, “Action Théatre”).Graeme Thompson is responsible for the English editions, secondary school (“Spotlight”). Pasquale Munno and Silvana Mariellaare responsible for the English editions, primary school (“Short Stories” and “Kids at work”). Martine Moràn is responsible for the Spanish editions (“Spanish cinema”). Christine Rigois is the coordinator of all the editing with Lazzaretti Editore. Our publishing house’s editorial production is distributed to the following countries: – Great Britain: Delta – France: Attica – Spain: Sgel – Germany: International press (IP) – Japan: Shinko Tsusho – Russia: Relod Some of our titles have already been published in collaboration with the French publisher Cle International. Il Mondo Incantato (The Enchanted World) Created to celebrate 2005 The Year of Languages in the U.S., the series Il Mondo Incantato, a collection of fairy tales available in four languages and various Italian dialects, takes children through various phases of their intellectual development in tune with their capacities and curiosities. In the native language The fairy tales are for children from 3 to 6 years of age, allowing them to follow the tales through pictures and narration of the text on an CD accompanying the book. In Italian, French and Spanish These versions are aimed at children from 7 to 13 years of age who are studying foreign languages at school. Following the tales with a CD, the children can listen to the tales, familiar to them in their native language, in a foreign language. In addition, hearing the text in a foreign language narrated by native speakers allows them to associate the verbal expression with writing and to learn the correct pronunciation. In Italian dialects The appreciation of the regional Italian languages — Piemontese, Genovese, Bolognese, Napoletana, Milanese, Siciliana, Veneta and Friulana— is a need always more alive in families who want to reclaim the language of loved ones and tradition. The fairy tales recounted in Italian dialects represent this appreciation and also act as a meeting point for various generations from grandparents to grandchildren.

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