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30174 Venezia Mestre Italy

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A great passion for literature, cultural heritage, art, and tourism bolstered by the sensitivity of an all-female team: this is the hallmark of the Lunargento publishing house, specialized with a mission of high quality and innovative achievements.

Lunargento has published a series of scientific essays, where A scuola nei parchi del Veneto and Il sistema solare. Storia, movimenti, curiosità stand out.  The series of novels and short stories “Cahiers de voyage” has been enriched with the Turkish author Orhan Kemal and Franco Zizola’s novel Ruber palus. Forthcoming is the publication of Aspettando la paura by Oguz Atay, another classic Turkish author, that will be also available in ebook format. Lunargento also publishes user-friendly tourist guides and Mediterranea, a cruising and pleasure boating magazine.

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