Macro Gruppo Editoriale

Via Bachelet, 65
47522 Diegaro di Cesena (FC) Italy

Tel: +39 0547 334836

Fax: +39 0547 334831

The catalog of Macro Gruppo Editoriale, an Italian publishing group created in 1987, contains more than 800 titles of bestselling international books and DVDs – The Secret, What the Bleep, Tolle, Louise Hay, Icke, Lipton . Thanks to our interest in the worldwide market we also produce multi-language DVDs of our bestseller authors. Publishing’s Marks Macro Edizioni, Macro Video, Arianna Editrice, Alaya, Essere Felici, Aquarius Giannone, BIS, Amici di Dirk, Archiati, Bonomi, Ina Verlag, NLP Italy, San Giovanni’s, Tribuzio editore, Stazione Celeste e Secondo Natura.

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