Momento Medico Srl

Via Terre Risaie, 13
Zona Ind. Fuorni
84131 Salerno (SA) Italy

Tel: 011 39 0893055611

Fax: 011 39 089301809

Momento Medico Group was founded in 1986 by two physicians, with the specific intent to develop and produce targeted medical publications to fulfill the pharmaceutical industry’s communication needs, with a careful eye to the scientific rigor of the contents.

Our catalogue of medical books, exclusive distribution of 6 different imprints, can be accessed via;
A special section of our website is dedicated to publications targeted to Pharma:
• monographs on drugs / special articles on…. series ® / congress reports
• illustrated material for the counselling with the patient: posters, table calendars, tear pads, ……
• drug dosage charts – diagnostic charts
• clinical cases in ….. series ®

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