nottetempo Srl

Via Zanardelli, 34
00186 Roma (RM) Italy

Tel: +39 06 68308320

Nottetempo is an independent publishing house founded in 2002 with 100 titles in its catalogue. The editorial project is to combine literary fiction with the pleasure of reading, good literature with the idea of lightness. Among its authors are Umberto Eco, Milena Agus, Philip Larkin, Iris Murdoch, Alberto Manguel, Russel Hoban, Naomi Alderman. Along the contemporary and international fiction list, some classics: Stevenson, Dickens, Colette, Yourcenar. nottetempo also has several non-fiction series (reportages, philosophy, current affairs and others) all intended with the idea of a committed and pleasant reading. It publishes great thinkers such as Derrida, Bourdieu, Agamben, Said and Zizek.

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