Panozzo Editore

Via Clodia, 25
47900 Rimini (RN) Italy

Tel: +39 0541 24580

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Panozzo Editore was founded in Rimini in 1981 and quickly became an interesting and active new presence in the small to medium size publishing panorama: very soon in fact it shone through for the particular attention it paid to both highlighting and spreading the Italian language, history, culture and local traditions. Panozzo Editore, after the publication of a five-volume course on the didactics of teaching Italian, and a history of the Italian language, has now published a complete course to teach Italian to foreign students. It is a modern course, based on the most recent foreign language teaching techniques, and it allows for an easy learning of Italian regardless of the student’s native language. The course, which comprises two volumes with multimedia aids and additional exercise booklets, was adopted for use by several schools that specialize in teaching Italian to foreign students, and is a bestseller. With the Microstorie selection, that today includes 32 volumes, Panozzo Editore offers to its readers a journey through time, via cross-section images of life, traditions and flavours, in an attempt to re-discover Romagna and other Italian regions. Ample space is dedicated to wine and gastronomy, with volumes on historical cooking and monographs on Italian culinary art and typical products, such as the renowned formaggio di fossa (hollow cheese) or the Romagna scallion. Panozzo Editore does not only specialize in local history and gastronomy. Its catalogue also offers a wide and diverse collection of essays: from literary criticism to philosophy, from religion to history, in elegant and neat presentations. The space dedicated to literature is also remarkable: as part of a fruitful collaboration with the Foreign Language Department at Bologna University, Panozzo Editore launched an important collection of foreign literature volumes offering texts often translated into Italian for the first time, and published with a parallel text of the original version. Nowadays Panozzo Editore, while maintaining its original aspect as a small publishing house, thus dedicating the utmost attention to detail, is a growing presence not only in Italy, but also abroad, open to new dialogues and distant markets.

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