Petrini Editore Srl

Strada del Portone, 179
10095 Grugliasco (TO) Italy

Tel: +39 011 2098701

Fax: +39 011 2098710

Petrini Editore is a publishing house established in 1872, acquired by UTET Group in 1990; with its brands – Petrini, Garzanti Scuola, Marietti Scuola, Valmartina, Liviana, Theorema Libri, Le Stelle – specializes in educational publications from pre-school to secondary school.
It is a market leader as far as Latin, maths, music, history, geography: Petrini gets the fifth position among Italian educational publishers, equal to 6.3% educational market shares.
During the last three-years-period, the total turnover icreased around 8.6%. His production of additional and supplementary books is remarkable in the educational school area.

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