Via Novaro, 18
00195 Rome (RM) Italy

Tel: +39 06 3878

“Rai Eri” is the editorial label that Rai uses to publish its books, magazines and multimedia products linked to Radio and Television programmes with the aim to enhance, highlight and study in depth its contents. Founded in 1949, it currently has a catalogue of 500 titles and on the average it publishes 50 books annually, dealing with contents on entertainment and research. Rai Eri’s offer and intention is to provide an answer and satisfy the public’s need for information, knowledge and study in all the various fields of culture, ranging from fiction to non – fiction.
 Rai Eri offers us the opportunity to read the Television and Radio. “Rai Eri is the Rai to be read”.
 All the books and the magazines issues published by Rai Eri are found in the best Italian book stores.

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