Spaziolingua School

Via Giosué Carducci ,17
20123 Milano (MI) Italy

Tel: +39 02.89096795

SPAZIOLINGUA is located in the historic centre of Milan.

Our goal is to enhance learning with a human connection and to work in a calm and welcoming environment that encourages the pleasure of learning.

Students are accompanied on their adventure of discovering language and culture through continuous tutorship and mentorship. The individual needs of each student is our starting point. We then plan and build a path that enhances and gratifies the student constantly.
Class lessons are just a portion of this path to language and culture which are amplified by traditional and cultural activities including guided visits to sights of interest and also unique experiences like “aperitivi” and wine tasting. The conversations are supervised by language professionals selected by the school so that the students can have real Italian experiences and learn while having fun.


Spaziolingua offers a wide range of courses: group courses, individual courses, intensive courses, conversation courses with aperitivo, Italian wine tasting courses and many other courses for those who wish to make very rapid and personalized progress or concentrate on specific skills.

Our small group courses of up to 7 people facilitate both an effective and a fun learning environment. Participating in small groups allows you to learn quicker.
The programs offered include many different study options and levels.

Spaziolingua provides free help to students who are looking for accommodations or visa assistance.