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VeneziaComix Editore is the first Italian comic publishing house to create an italian superhero universe, through the creation of the label “Capitani Italiani”.
VeneziaComix, born in 2006, began publishing comics in 2012. After several years in the DIY scene, during which it gathered the interest of critics and the public in several comic book conventions (Lucca Comics&Games, Comicon di Napoli, Mantova Comics, Etna Comics, etc.), it entered the publishing business in November 2017.

Our team is made up of professional authors who are already renowned in the area: the project founder Fabrizio Capigatti (Noise Press, Tatai Lab), Diego Bonesso and Riccardo Bandiera (Sergio Bonelli Editore), Federico Toffano (Noise Press) and Gilda Cesari.
Our customers are comic readers, lovers of the superhero genre, American comics aficionados, TV series, action and entertainment enthusiasts.

With our products, we create a familiar, precious and veracious atmosphere, alternating between authors who are already established in the American market and younger talents.
With our products, the Italian readers and the Italian expats feel at home and get a strong sense of pride and belonging, while our foreign readers are lovers of Italy, of its culture, of its art and its cuisine.

The comic books we produce are divided in narrative cycles which are further divided in mini-series, made up of 2 to 3 self-contained episodes, with constant new “starting points” for new readers to get involved.

The stories feature a “location factor”: they are about everyday life in its light and dark sides (including mafia, corruption, real-life scandals), they are about art and enogastronomy; this permeates the project and unites it with the customer in an unique spirit of identity.
The series we produce are divided in three price ranges; distribution is handled by a traditional distributor, an online shop and by our presence in trade shows and events. 
VeneziaComix Editore looks at the digital market, especially for the foreign market.

Our partners include “” (the network for Italian expats) and Palermo School of Comics (Scuola del Fumetto di Palermo). 
We are also working on a series pilot which will target digital broadcasters, both Italian and foreign.

Contact: Fabrizio Capigatti 

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