White Star Srl

Galleria Manifattura Rotondi, 7
28100 Novara - Italy

Tel: +39 032142191

White Star was founded in 1984 and, after just a few years, it became one of the most important publishing houses in Italy and abroad in the sector of illustrated books. Today it boasts a catalog of over 600 titles, published in various languages, with direct distribution in five countries (Italy, France, Germany, United Kingdom, and the United States). The books cover a wide range of subjects, including Art, Architecture, Archaeology, Gift Books, Food and Drink, Music, Nature and Wildlife, Photography, Sport, and Travel.

On the Children side, White Star has a rich catalog with various proposals suitable for every taste and target. One of its most prestigious partners is the National Geographic Society which is th representative for adults and kids books.

Alongside the rapid evolution of White Star, there has also been a growth of co-editions, distributed in more than 40 countries, rising to a total of over 600 titles in recent years from the original 230 in 1998. The international reputation of  White Star has produced solid collaborative relationships with some of the most famous publishing houses in the field of illustrated books. One of its most prestigious partners, the National Geographic Society signed an exclusive agreement in 2001 with White Star, which is now the representative in Italy for illustrated books, guides, and cartographic items produced by National Geographic. Today White Star is present in Germany, under the label White Star Verlag, and in France, under the name Éditions White Star. In 2010, with the label White Star Publishers, it initiated a new collaboration with Sterling Publishing for sales and distribution in the United States and Canada.

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