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Agave Edizioni is a new publishing house based in Sardinia (Italy), in which a top-flight professional background and a network… more »

Andrea Ferrari Group is avant-guard publishing with a social responsibility. Its publishing project deals with literature and photography, but is… more »

Publishers of fiction and non-fiction. Italian and foreign literature, biographies, travel, art, philosophy and criticism, children, politics, critiques. Foreign Rights… more »

The Avagliano Publishing House was founded in 1982 making its editorial debut with historic and literary essays about Southern Italy.… more »

Ediart publishes history and art books, as well as art catalogs. Many of its titles are dedicated to art restoration,… more »

Idelson-Gnocchi is a medical and scientific publisher since 1908. Our work has focused on Europe from an Italian base and… more »

The publishing house Leo S. Olschki, which celebrated its centennial in 1986, constitutes a force with remarkable characteristics in the… more »

Editorial brand of GrafiSystem, established in 2003. Di Marsico Libri’s aim is to help build a conscious and healthy society… more »

Europa Editions is a new U.S. imprint of Edizioni E/O, one of Europe’s most prestigious independent publishing houses. From our… more »

Pendragon Publishing House was founded officially in November 1994. We have published more than 600 books. In our backlist there… more »

Egea is a publishing and bookselling company owned by Università Bocconi. Created in 1988 for the diffusion of economic and… more »

Founded in Rome by Renato Fanucci in 1971 and presently directed by Sergio Fanucci, after its debut in fantastic literature,… more »

The prestigious FMR publishing house was founded 40 years ago. 40 Years of publications devoted to books and beauty. A… more »

The publications of G. D’Anna Casa editrice are the result of the culture and experience of important scholars and grow… more »

Gangemi Publishers was established in 1962 with a strong belief in the principles of economic and corporate efficiency as well… more »

Giulio Einaudi publishing house was founded in 1933 by a group of young students, headed by Giulio Einaudi. After the… more »

Gremese was founded in 1978 and has its headquarters in Rome, Italy. Publishers of high quality illustrated reference books for… more »

Gruppo Albatros Il Filo deals with publication of literary works; production of television programs broadcasted on the Sky channels; production… more »

Guida Editori was founded by Diego Guida, third in line of a generation of booksellers and publishers. The editorial line… more »

With 25 years of experience, Ibiskos by Alessandra Ulivieri publishes books of poetry, fiction, short stories, young adult literature and… more »

Il Gatto e la Luna is a small publisher born from a great passion: books. We mainly publish ebooks, classic… more »

The publishing company il Mulino was founded in 1954 by a group of young intellectuals who had started in 1951… more »

Ilisso Edizioni, with 20 years of publishing experience, presents over 200 titles, including 10 collections on art, Sardinian literature, ethnography,… more »

IPOC Press is a new Italian publisher whose goal is to promote the work of important Italian writers, not just… more »

IRIS 4 EDIZIONI is an unconventional publishing house founded and directed by Noa Bonetti, publishing fiction, non-fiction, noir, horror, literature,… more »

The Belluno Institute of Social and Cultural Research specializes in themes regarding the Rheto-romance (Ladin) world paying particular attention to… more »

A great passion for literature, cultural heritage, art, and tourism bolstered by the sensitivity of an all-female team: this is… more »

The catalog of Macro Gruppo Editoriale, an Italian publishing group created in 1987, contains more than 800 titles of bestselling… more »

The publishing house Maria Pacini Fazzi was founded in Lucca in 1966; the city became a fundamental starting point for… more »

Marsilio Editori (RCS Group), established in Venice fifty years ago, is one of the leading Italian publishers with over 8000… more »

Nottetempo is an independent publishing house founded in 2002 with 100 titles in its catalogue. The editorial project is to… more »

Panozzo Editore was founded in Rimini in 1981 and quickly became an interesting and active new presence in the small… more »

The publishing house of Rosellina Archinto Srl publishes, in the series Lettere, collections of letters of famous personalities and ingenious… more »

Six book series. They include two narrative series: the most classic “parole in viaggio” (words on the road) and the… more »

Founded in the 70`s, the Rubbettino Publishing House, located in the region of Calabria, holds today a remarkable position in… more »

Sellerio Editore was founded in 1969 to give a voice to the Sicilian literature as well as the less known… more »

This small publishing house, for over 20 years, has worked to re-evaluate Italian fiction and poetry, with particular interest in… more »

Zanichelli Publishing House was founded in 1859 by the Modena bookseller Nicola Zanichelli. Besides being the publisher of Carducci and… more »