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Arcari Editore has been on the publishing market for over twenty years carrying out mainly local pubications concerning history, customs… more »

The Armando publishing house was founded over 60 years ago. It holds a relevant position in theIitalian publishing field concerning… more »

Bonacci editore specializes in the publication of material for teaching Italian to foreigners: textbooks, grammar books, audiovisuals, easy-readers, Italian classics… more »

Edi.Ermes is a publisher specializing in medical-scientific publications of various levels, from university textbooks to books aimed at sector professionals.… more »

Egea is a publishing and bookselling company owned by Università Bocconi. Created in 1988 for the diffusion of economic and… more »

A well-established publisher operating worldwide and offering a large range of publications to learn Italian as a foreign language: courses,… more »

The publications of G. D’Anna Casa editrice are the result of the culture and experience of important scholars and grow… more »

Established in 1867, Loescher Editore publishes textbooks for primary and secondary schools in literature, language arts, history, philosophy, social science,… more »

Bruno Mondadori was created in the years following the Second World War. From 1946 to 1999 it developed initially under… more »

Petrini Editore is a publishing house established in 1872, acquired by UTET Group in 1990; with its brands – Petrini,… more »

Piccin publications have represented since 1952 high-quality STM books for students and professionals. Though Medicine has always been the main… more »

Raffaello Editrice specializes in educational books for children and young adults from preschool to secondary school. Its production includes textbooks,… more »

Zanichelli Publishing House was founded in 1859 by the Modena bookseller Nicola Zanichelli. Besides being the publisher of Carducci and… more »